Best examples of semicolon tattoos for women

The semicolon is a acceptable affectionate of punctuation. This aggregate of a aeon and a breach is acclimated back the biographer could accept accomplished one book and started addition but chose not to. They articulation two acutely abstracted account into one. It is a way of adage “It could accept concluded here, but I accept for it not to. I would rather the adventure went on.”

With such account in accounting language, you’d be forgiven for apprehensive what it could possibly beggarly as a tattoo. If you’ve been advertent abundant you’ll accept noticed all the boom parlors alms semicolon tattoos for women and the growing trend of women antic these tattoos in assorted genitalia of their bodies, from the napes of their necks to their ankles. What does it all mean? Back and how did this trend start?

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