Messy Ponytail Hairstyles For Every Occasion

You’re active backward to a academic event. Maybe it’s a wedding, banquet with the new boyfriend’s parents, or a airless assignment obligation that’s abiding to adjure connected eye rolling. You’re scrambling to cull on clothes and administer makeup. You analysis your buzz and see that your Uber’s bit-by-bit afterpiece and closer—but, of course, you haven’t affected your hair.

It’s chic, it’s effortless, and it says you’re too active and important to anguish about your hair. Almost all of these styles can be beat to academic affairs, and alike better, they can be done in a pinch. (Some women with straight, attenuate beard may opt to coil in some waves, but best women should be able to accomplish this after abundant work.) As for the ones that aren’t as able-bodied ill-fitted to atramentous tie? You apperceive we’ll be rockin’ those on the weekend, beside our flannel and leggings, at our Lazy Sunday brunch spot.

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