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125+ Cute Nail Art Designs for Winter

It’s Winter time again! What’s the best thing to do during Winter? It’s to go out and have fun! Not only should you feel the Winter fun but you should also look the part. Grab the clothes, the shoes the hairdo and of course don’t forget the nails! Winter nails are the thing right now and there’s nothing better to refresh your look than painting your very own Winter-inspired nails!

There are plenty of great Winter nail art ideas that you can find out there. It depends on the theme that you want to have or the mood that you want to experience. You can play along with bright colors as well as fruit designs and Winter places alike for the designs.

Below are just some of the artistic Winter ideas that you might find interesting and easy enough to recreate on your own.

Nail Art Designs
Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs
Nail Art Designs

The ice cream Winter nail art design

What better way to celebrate the heat of the Winter than downing on tasty and delicious ice cream? You can project this design on your nails by painting on colorful and yummy looking ice cream designs. You can even add small details like colorful sprinkles on top with the help of embellishments and glitter polish.

You can also go for the bright yellow nail art designs

Winter is all about the sun and it’s amazing to have the sun right at your fingertips. Grab your brightest yellow nail polish and start painting on abstract yellow themed designs n your nails. this also helps spice up your Winter outfit as it adds more color to your ensemble making you stand out in that Winter party.

Why don’t you try out 3D nail art designs for Winter as well?

These are more mind blowing and can pretty much give a dazzling effect on onlookers. All you need to do is stack on top of a nail some embellishments, specially designed nail crafts and beads. You can form things such as ice cream, burgers, fries, and hotdogs; just about anything you want to! You can also try and look for other nail craft designs that you can use for your 3D nail art. What’s important is tat they should be able to stand out and protrude from the nail surface to complete the 3D effect.

Colorful short Winter nails. bathe your nails in wonderful colors this Winter

It doesn’t matter if it’s long or short you can always make look amazing if you want to. For short nails, you can add an array of bright colors that complement each other. You can also use the gradient technique to show the progression of colors. This helps give life to your nails and makes you look perfect in just about any color of outfit that you choose.

Play along with patterns

This is one of the easiest and most fun to paint on for the summer. You can choose your favorite bright colors and paint them together on each nail. You can even paint different patterns on one nail to the other; this makes it more fun to look at. You can draw plaid, stripes, parallel lines, horizontal and vertical lines as well as diagonal lines. You can even combine the patterns on one nail; it depends on the style that you are going for.

Grab your favorite neon nail polish color

Make your nails look real minty with bright and bold colors that you love to look at. You can use two or three combinations on each nail. Just make sure that the colors either contrast or complement each other so that they look adorable. Don’t use colors that easily overshadow the other color or else they will look simply dull and lifeless. It’s summer so you need your colors to pop out and look lively.

When there is neon there are also pastels

Even though pastels are soft colors they can also be great for summer. You can combine these soft looking colors together to create a more modern and muted shading. Geometric designs are perfect for these types of nail polish and you can even personalize them according to which shape you want. There are a lot so things you can do with pastels and there are so many cute colors to choose from.

One more indication of summer is using tie-dye details

Painting this on your nails makes it even more summery and that’s just amazing to look at. The great thing about tie dye designs is that they are never the same with each other, you can customize them in whatever way you want and they will look absolutely gorgeous still. If you’re a fan of abstract looking designs that are fairly easy to make and have stunning designs that are out of this world.

There are a lot more styles that you could look at when you want to have the best summer inspired nail art. All you need to do is go to art blogs, nail art designs websites and even vide sharing websites to see what other creators have come up when it comes to fresh summer nail art ideas. You can also try and make one of your own. Combine your favorite styles and make a special and customized summer nail art just for yourself. The wonderful thing about painting your own nails and making your own designs is that you have the freedom what to choose from and you feel great about it.

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