122 Ombre Nail Art for Beginners 2018

Looking for a way to make your own Ombre Nail Art ? They are very pretty to look at but what gets you down is that they may be hard to do. It looks complicated at first glance, but what you need to know is that this nail art technique is easier than it looks. All you need to do is to prepare the right materials to get your own Ombre Nail Art combination started. Don’t worry since you don’t have to be an expert nail artist to do this. In fact just about anyone can do this design. Simply have the creativity and patience to learn and you can create your very own Ombre Nail Art whenever you feel like it.

Ombre Nail Art

Pick two polishes that you would like as the top coat. From here you can already experiment on which type of nail color combination you wish to have, they can be on contrasting or blending colors. It is usual for Ombre nails to have blending colors, however it is always up to you on which color combination you wish to go for.

A sponge. This is actually the secret of Ombre nails. Not many people know it, but you don’t directly paint the Ombre on your nails. You will be using the help of a sponge to do that. Simple and easy. Make sure that the sponge is bigger than the size of your nail so that the Ombre colors will cover all parts of the nail evenly. Also make sure that the sponge is clear before you use it.

Plastic sheet and toothpicks. You will need these to clean up excess polish when you are doing the Ombre design. You can easily find these items around the house. If you can’t find any plastic sheets, foil or baking paper can also work.

Start by applying a base coat. This is important since you will be applying layers on top and you need to protect your nails. A safe color would be white since it can host any color combinations on top without destroying the opacity of the colors. Though, the effect would also depend when you are using light or dark colors for your Ombre combination.

Look for a flat surface where you can pour your nail polish. Make sure that they are next to each other. You can add another color if you wish to have three color combinations in your Ombre; it really depends on the style that you’re going for. Pour them carefully and make sure that the colors are just touching at their edges. You would not like the Ombre to look untidy, just make them look like they’re sitting next to each other.

With the toothpick, gently swirl both colors together. You can easily control the areas here they will meet since that will determine the length at which the graduation occurs. If you wish for a longer graduation you can mix a bigger part of the colors. In case you only want that light fading effect, just mix them together just a bit.

When you are sure that the design is okay it’s time to add embellishments on top. You can do this if you have a certain theme like stars or hearts that you wish to add. However, if you want to keep the Ombre simple, just paint on a clear top coat so that the beautiful design can be seen clearly.

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