45+ lovely Snowflake Nail Art 2018

Can’t get enough of snow? It’s the end of the holidays but snow just keeps on coming and making you cuddle up to the fireplace. It’s not a bad thing at all, it makes you want to feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy that hot mug of cocoa and marshmallows. Nothing is perfect than having a warm cup of chocolate inside the house during a snowy day. Since you love snow this much why not spend your free time painting on beautiful snowflake nail art designs?

Snowflake Nail Art 

Gradient green and white snowflakes nail art design. The snowflakes are then painted using glitter copper nail polish giving it a glossy and shimmering effect for the nails.
Neat and clean looking snowflakes inspired nail art. Cover your nails in wonderful looking snowflakes while using a clear base coat. This helps keep your nails look fresh and clean and at the same time trendy.
Crystal blue French tip snowflake nail art design. Give more sparkle to your French tip by giving it the gradient effect of white to crystal blue. Add embellishments on top to make it look like it’s fresh from the snow outside.
Candy colored snowflake themed nail art design. Combine cute candy colors into a beautiful gradient on your nails and top it off with cute randomly sized snowflakes.
Wonderful looking glitter French tip with snowflakes on top. You can make your French tips a whole lot more exciting by adding cute snowflakes on top.
Bright red and gold snowflake themed nail art design. Bring life into your nails by painting a matte red nail polish and covering it with sprinkles of gold dust and detailed gold snowflakes.

Snowflake Nail Art
Snowflake Nail Art

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