Africa Sepedi traditional mermaid dress 2018

Here you will find out the Sepedi Traditional Wedding Dresses Designs Pictures with the Price range because Sepedi wedding has many of the traditions and customs as the whole wedding ceremony is completed in some stages and the occasions starts from sending a letter from the groom family to the bride family to fix a date for the labola negotiation. Well it is said that it is negotiation but i my sense it is not because whatever the brides family ask them in exchange of their daughter they have to provide the that. Some ask for money, some ask for cattle and some are so casual to each other that they just can ask a bottle of Brandy or anything like that.

Sepedi traditional mermaid dress

On the wedding day when the Bride is fully ready she go to the nearest river and collect enough water from there that can be used in whole occasions. This action is done while wearing the Bridal dresses. Sepedi Traditional Wedding does not held in church as it held in either in the Bride or groom home. After the marriage prayer the other traditions starts like playing music, Cutting cattle and then distributing the meat equally to the Brides and Groom Family.

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