Fashionable Ideas for Styling Short Purple Hair

If you want to try a unique hairstyle, go for this ink blue-purple haircut which is both edgy and bold. The varying streaks with bangs in the front make this hairstyle look even more dramatic. Set the bangs with a hairspray for keeping them in place.

If shaded hair is your thing, you can try this subtle highlights look which is trendy yet manageable. The hint of black with reddish purple streaks is making the waves appear classier. This hairstyle is the perfect example of a classic colored look. You can also curl the waves a little bit for the added effect.

This hairstyle looks straight out of some fairytale. Create a style statement with this unique haircut. The hairstyle is simple yet intriguing because of the light purple shade. The ends are cut sharply for a bold look. Controlling the frizz is important in this look as stray hair can ruin the intense look and make the hair look disheveled.

The red and purple streaks in this haircut give it a raw appeal. The black roots provide a balance to the contrasting color and make the hairstyle more subtle. Go easy on the color as this haircut is all about subtlety. Experiment with the hair length if you want to try something new and modern which gives a boost to your personality.

Bring out the inner boldness of your personality with this messy unstructured hairstyle in shades of pink, purple, fuchsia, and black. The haircut is dramatic and exciting and gives a youthful appearance to the face. Go wild with all the colors for a gorgeous blended hairstyle which will add oodles of charm to your personality.

If unicorns lived, this hair color would be their favorite color. The shaded tinge of purple with a platinum undercut is so fresh and contemporary. The Mohawk is set using a hair wax for a strong hold that is needed for this look. You can also try other pastel colors like baby blue and lavender along with platinum for a striking hairstyle.

The hair color in this hairstyle is a great pick for people who want to color their hair but in a subtle way. The hair is straightened and set with a hair serum to keep the shape of the look. The purple highlights are making this haircut look urban and mature.

This adorable pixie cut is adding more definition to the face and the rich hue is complementing the pale skin tone well. The top portion is given some volume with a volumizing spray. Pixie cuts go great with colors so choose your shade and go for this gorgeous haircut.

The front portion of the hair is slightly curled and set with a hair spray for a gradual look and the rest of the hair is left open. The combination of purple and black gives this hairstyle a trendy appeal. The intense sharp cut of the hair is providing a great contrast to the subtle front portion.

If you love short hair and want to go for something edgy, this hair color is a great way to add some color to your personality. It is a subtle color and gives a very natural finish. Set the waves using a light hold spray which will also add some shine to the hair.

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