Gorgeous Examples of Partial Balayage Hairstyles

A Partial Balayage Hairstyles is a freehand coloring technique, when you apply highlights only to specific areas instead of throughout the whole head — generally, the top layer, or just around the face. Let`s see the best examples of this trend!Gorgeous Examples of Partial Balayage Hairstyles.

Partial Balayage Hairstyles

Brunette with Light Brown Highlights

Highlights are a beautiful way to add depth to dark hair. If you want a more natural look or don’t want to damage your hair with too much bleach, opting for the entry-level balayage gives you the best of both worlds. Just take your strands a shade or two lighter for a fresh look.

Partial Balayage Hairstyles

Long Brown Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

It doesn’t take much to make a long-haired brunette look stunning. But if you must, something as simple as messy barrel curls teamed with blonde and caramel highlights will do the trick. With the limited highlights, the model below goes to show that less is more.

Partial Balayage Hairstyles

Red-Haired Semi-Balayage

Make your red hair even more dynamic by adding just a few natural-looking blonde highlights. If you want to know how to do a partial balayage, you just need to apply dye to spare sections of hair and wrap it in foil. Make sure you only apply the dye to the top layer of hair for that subtle effect. Follow the directions on the box of the product to determine how long you should leave it in.

Partial Balayage Hairstyles

Caramel and Cinnamon Highlights

Spice up brown hair with cinnamon and caramel-colored accents. Strewn throughout dark locks, they will create a luscious mix of colors. With only the top layer of hair colored, it really accentuates the contrast between dark roots and the lighter shades–and it’s a sexy look. The medium length keeps the total image simple yet chic.

Partial Balayage Hairstyles

Brown Hair with Soft Hairpainting

When you consider partial or full highlights, you need to think of maintenance. With full highlights, you have to make sure your hair is moisturized and that everything looks natural when your hair grows out. In case it is only partial, there won’t be as much dye, and when your tresses grow out, the lighter strands will look like sun kissed locks.

Partial Balayage Hairstyles

Long Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Partial balayage highlights on black hair are the way to go when you want to break-up the monotone look of a dark mane. The beauty of only doing partial highlights lies in their simplicity. A chestnut brown will complement black well, while not being too bold. It will add just the right amount of contrast.

Partial Balayage Hairstyles

Brown Cut with Face Framing Streaks

Placement is key when opting into partial highlights. You have to make sure they are placed in a way that is flattering to your face shape and hair color. With medium brown hues, it always looks nice when you have the lightest shades at the front. It draws the attention to not only your hair but also your face.

Long Brown Locks with Partial Highlights

A partial balayage doesn’t always have to be the top layer. Sometimes, as an exception, you can have them on the underlayer and they’ll be a pleasant surprise when they show through your curls or waves. Think of the highlights as hidden treasures.

Bob with Partial Balayage

Partial balayage highlights work well on a wide range of hair textures, including Asian hair, which is notoriously dark and straight. Just a few chocolatey highlights brightening the face and accenting your ends will give your everyday bob a stylish boost.

Loose Waves with Balayaged Top Layers

Use partial highlights to mimic the gradient effect of ombre. Simply bleach the ends on the top layer of your hair. It adds fun color and dimension without too much bleach. You will get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Finish your look with loose waves for a sexy texture.

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