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Perfect Grunge Hairstyles Stylish Trend of 2018

When Nirvana and Pearl Jam were music icons in the ’90s, there was no denying that grunge hairstyles were thriving. As fashion trends cycle back into current pop culture, we are seeing ’90s grunge hair again. Grunge looks are perfect when you want to let out your inner rock star or when you just want an undone, carefree look.

Grunge Hairstyles Stylish

Half-Up Space Buns

There is nothing more ’90s than space buns, which is why this look by YouTuber, Zoe London, simply had to be on this list. This half-up, half-down look paired with two buns really compliments her vibrant, two-toned hair. An unforgettable grunge look that you can get too by following Zoe London’s tutorial.

Grunge Hairstyles Stylish

Center Parted Ombre Hair

If your style is grunge but you want something more natural and low-maintenance, try this toned-down cut and color. Leave your base color natural or darker and add some blonde to the ends as well as a few steaks around your face. Style your hair in messy, tousled waves and you will have an effortlessly cool look.

Short Hair with an Edge

Short hair can be grungy too. Many grunge short hairstyles out there look amazing. Add some color to your pixie cut and style it by flipping the top to one side to create an edgy, asymmetrical look.

Pink Roots

Instead of adding color to the ends of your hair, as usual, add a vibrant color to your roots and leave the ends natural. Pink roots give you a cute, grungy look and the vibrant color really pops.

Silver Waves

Thinking about changing your hair color to something a bit out-of-the-ordinary? This dreamy, wavy hair in a silver balayage is the perfect option for a grungy, disheveled look. The messy, textured waves really add character and volume to the hair, giving it some extra edge.

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