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Beautiful White Tip Nails Designs for 2018

White Tip Nails Designs are without doubt a perfect symbol of classic style. But as time passes, even classics becomes a little boring. That is why we gathered here the trendiest ideas to go with, if you are a fan of white tip mani. Beautiful White Tip Nails Designs for 2018.

White Tip Nails Designs

White Tip Nails Designs

French Tip Nails Designs with Rhinestones

Just have a look at these nails, they look super girly! The mixture of ombre French and rhinestones of different sizes just accentuates the length and shape of the nails. The plus is that you will shine anywhere you go!

Gorgeous Nail Designs with White Tips

After you have a look at these designs you will agree that mani with white tips is anything but boring. What about additional pattern on a white tip itself? Sounds interesting, right? Let your master make a masterpiece out of your nails!

Pretty White Tip Nails Designs

Just look at this lovely French manicure, nothing is wasted here. The pattern of white, pearly beads just makes your thoughts fly away!

Best French Manicure Designs

This French tip nail design is extraordinary. It is the best option for sophisticated women who are not afraid to draw attention. A lavender base and white tips with the addition of floral patterns drawn over. That is not something you can see everyone wearing!

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