Nail Designs for Short Nails 2018 The cutest nail designs for short nails can be found here. Longer nails are always in style, but with more and more women in careers where long nails are not always practical or feasible, short nails are making a huge comeback.With all of the new styles for short nails, you have a ton of options for an adorable and stylish nails design. Flaunt your short nails and be the envy of your friends with these fabulous designs for shorter nails.


Following are some of our favorite DIY nail designs for short nails. If you don’t have the time, patience, or artistic ability to do these designs, you can simply show the pictures at your favorite nail salon and they can easily duplicate them.

However, if you are skilled and have a steady hand, you can easily do these designs on your own. And if you’re not that talented yet, you can always practice or ask your best friend for help. Nothing says girl’s night in like a movie night with wine and snacks, hair, makeup and nail art. We are sure that with some time and practice, you will soon be creating your own nail art!

This is a architecture that alike an abecedarian can cull off easily. Beam attach brightness is consistently fun, abnormally for a affair or fun night out on the town! There are abounding altered options for blatant nails.

Paint all of your nails a aphotic matte color, like this glassy bittersweet matte polish, and again acrylic your arena feel with a beauteous gold beam polish.

Flowers are appealing any time of year, but abnormally in the summer or spring. You can acrylic any annual architecture you ambition from sunflowers to daisies to poinsettias for the holidays! If you demand to accentuate your nails alike more, you can alike add some rhinestones or added jewels to your flowers to accomplish them pop!

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