Trendy Gel Nail Colors for 2018+2019

Trendy Gel Nail Colors for 2018+2019. Gel nail polish has become very popular recently. The following gel nail designs are gorgeous and you will fall in love with them immediately. Gel nail polish is applied like regular polish, but it is cured under the UV lamp, which allows them to last longer. It even strengthens your nails. Check out the following ideas.

Gel Nail Colors

Perfect French Mani with Cute Ombre

Gel nail art will attract all the attention to your hands. Perfect French mani with cute ombre will be ideal for any outfit. It will make your nails look longer and more delicate. If you are not in the mood to think up new nail art ideas, it is a perfect pick for you. The following nail designs will give you the endless inspirations.

Charming Purple Nail Designs

Charming purple nail designs with rhinestones and glitter polish on accent nails will turn you into a queen at any event. These details give an additional glamorous effect to your total look. Sparkles and flowers will give you more femininity. We love these purple nail designs very much, and you?

Lovely Blue Shades for Your Gel Nails

Lovely blue shades for your gel nails are extremely gorgeous, aren’t they? If you are just experimenting with gel manicures, you don’t need to worry about getting it wrong with this one. Gel nail designs can give that extra edge to your nails. These nail designs are a great choice for winter time with all those sparkles and crystals.

Romantic Pink Gel Nail Colors

Romantic pink nails will turn you into a charming princess. Today we are here with a wonderful collection of gel nail art designs that you will for sure love to try. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Cool Ideas for Gel Manicure

With these cool ideas for gel manicure, you will become a dangerous femme fatale, believe us! Studs, sparkles and 3D flowers will make you the center of attention. If you are not afraid of it, try these nail designs on your nails!

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