Medium Length Layered Black Hairstyle 2018

There is so much that you can do with dark hair that many women who are not naturally born with it, get their hair colored black. The first advantage is that of hair coloring or highlights to be more specific. You can put n highlights of any color, and it will look great against the dark backdrop of the hair. The next is the length factor, and that is where the dark hair wins too as it looks good on any length. You can keep it poker straight or curly- it will flatter your look both ways.

Black Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair also come with the added benefit that it looks good on any skin-tone. So, you can be fair, dusky or dark- this hair will never fail you with its amazing array of hairstyles. Just take your pick from these fifteen given right below and go for a different style for every month or every party that you attend. The only thing you need to make sure is that you take enough care of your hair to maintain that natural shine and silkiness that it has.

Medium Length Layered Black Hairstyle

Curly Hairstyle for Black Women

This hairstyle is for all the gorgeous and strong black women out there. For this hairstyle, you need to give more definition to the natural curls that you own. You can do it on your own with a hair curler or take the help of your hair stylist. After curling the hair is done, sweep it to one side completely. It is such a cool hairstyle to try out with your tee-shirts and casual shirts. You can add some accessories to this one too if you feel like it.

Side Swept Hairstyle for African American Hair

African American Hair has one of the nicest textures that you can think of. You can style your super versatile African American hair into this pretty hairstyle. Just keep the length of the hair up to your shoulders and straighten it well. Then make a parting on the left side of the hair. Get the majority of the hair to the right of the parting and let it sweep across your face to complete the look. It looks really chic and fashionable.

Medium Wavy Bob for Black Hair

Bob is never out of fashion as there are so many ways to play with this simple hairstyle. You can get the perfect example in this look that has been made keeping in mind a black-haired bob. There are waves made on the entire length of the hair, and the next step is making a small parting in front. This one is perfect for both the round and oval shaped faces. This is easy to achieve and effortless to maintain.

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