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50 Nail Designs Great Ideas for Teens and Women

Finding 50 cool nail art designs for teens was so easy because they are are in the perfect middles spot between nail designs for kids and women. You all can pull of so many awesome craft ideas, like DIY nail art! You don’t even need teenage nail art kits, because you can make all the designs yourself with the products you have. I hope you find some cool and cute nails you can do for at least your ring finger or big toe.

Nail Designs Great Ideas for Teens

There were so many designs that I had to get a little bit of everything. There’s simple art like ombre, polka dots, and glitter, but even more fun and classy looks! You can wear these for big holidays like Halloween, Valentines Day, or even Christmas without overdoing the season but still looking good. Wear some cool matte gel polish for winter, a flower for spring, something Disney for summer or fall. You can do it all! I even found the easiest nail art with tape and water you can so do at home. Gathering this teen and tween nail art gave me so many great ideas, I know you’ll probably come up more and better ones.

I love the simplicity with this geometric look. You can just put the first color, or both colors, or more colors! Who’s stopping you? The tutorial says to just paint the corner and keep lines straight, but I can’t do that. But this could be a quick nail art with tape design. Just put the tape on when your coat is done and only cover the white space you don’t want to hit with your next layer. If you like the products they used, they listed them out for you to find them at shops.

The ombre colors and texture of the nails really got me on this design. The pink and blue remind me of cotton candy from a summer fair or carnival, actually even on a beach pier. To get the texture, she used the sponge three different times rather than sharing the colors all on one.

This techno nail design blew my mind! Now I want to be a robot for Halloween and actually blow people’s minds (not really). They used nail glue to keep the holographic foil on the nail. I did not know that was a thing, but I think that’s what I use to do DIY acrylic nails? I need to try this look out because I have a lot of holographic foil at home, but you can use like cooking foil too.

I hate ants but this is such a cute DIY nail design for my picnics in the spring or summer with my best friends who’ll appreciate the time it took to accomplish this art. She explained it and now I can see how it was pretty easy. Everything but the watermelon is lines and dots. You can even match the blanket to the one you’ll actually use!

The meme shark from Katy Perry’s half-time performance is too iconic to not wear to my summer trip to California. There’s even a subtle ombre yellow that I love and will have to keep if I can’t figure out how to make the sharks. At least this gave me good color and design ideas for simple looks.

What is more teen-like than social media? This may not be a step by step tutorial but it should give you cute ideas for your skill level. If anything, I can print out the little things I want on my nails, stick them on, and seal them with top coat. I can do this with Disney things for my trip in the summer!!

If you miss elementary school or nap times, this may satisfy your nostalgia. How better way to feel young. This is a great look on rectangle shaped nails. This has a lot of details in it, but the ending look is so cute. To get perfect straight lines, she says you can just place the brush on your still nail and roll your finger.

Matte, glossy, and classy black polka dots are the way to go on your night outs, within curfew of course. They just used a matte top coat to get the matte look, but I think I’ve found on Pinterest that you can just hold them over steaming hot water. To save money by buying more products, just use the circular brush your nail polish came with for the dots.

If you’re taking a cool trip with the family to Egypt, even if you’re coming from Europe, have an attempt at these nails. Look up correct hieroglyphics and Anubis to be as accurate as possible or it seems you may be making fun of their culture. If you can pool it off, everyone will think you have awesome nail talent.

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