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45+ Gorgeous Sugar Skull Nail Design Ideas 2018

Nail art is something amazing and fun. People are in search for new designs, especially the ones who are in love with a manicure. Somehow, it is very important thing outer look and folks love the idea that you can make an artistic work on your fingertips. It is bringing a lot of attention lately, so no wonder you can see the most intriguing sugar skull nail art around. We can notice that they are all very cheerful, but also very detailed. This is a fantastic proof that with the right approach and design, you can make things beautiful, even if they are imagery of skull and bones.

Sugar Skull Nail Design Ideas

Colorful Sugar Skull Nails

If you are an extrovert person, you would like to try out this cool skull nail design. People around you will notice it. Nothing scary, a rich mixture of colors, one or two nails treated with a great detail of a skull image, others could be painted with flowers or sparkled fashionably.

Gel Sugar Skull Nail Design

Look, it’s funky and many young ladies confirmed us about this cool nail trend. They said it has been in fashion for quite a while and it seems trend is here to stay. Apply the printed sticker over the base and cover it with a translucent coating in order to protect the whole design. Do the other nails in a different manner and your nails will get that attractive look.

Pink Glitter Sugar Skull Nails

This is the best design so far. Just by using opposing colors, you will turn every curious head to look at your nails. We admit, this design looks fabulous. You can use dot tool to put necessary dots in their place and don’t forget to accentuate teeth. This is a cool solution if you have to cover the gaps and minor damages on your nails.

Sugar Skull Design For Short Nails

The perfect choice for a night out or daily visits to the cafe. You will leave a good impression to the people near you. All you need is a dotting tool, and a brush, no need for a sticker. As a final touch, add zircon stone at the forehead of the skull. You may also See Spider Web Nail Art Designs

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