37 Excellent Afro and Natural Goddess Braids Ideas

In addition to box braids and cornrows, Goddess Braids Ideas are some of the loveliest African American-inspired braided hairstyles. As you’ll soon find out, they can be easily styled in a multitude of ways that fit all personalities. From jumbo to narrow, goddess braids are an excellent hairstyle idea for afro and natural hair alike. See which style is the best for you below.

Afro and Natural Goddess Braids Ideas

Low Braided Bun

Any classic jumbo goddess braids can be wrapped into a chic low bun at any time. Sweep the long locks into this beautiful swirl at the base of your neck for a stylish effect.

Ombre Goddess Braids with Bun

Ombre hair looks wonderful when styled in goddess braids. For instance, adding a bit of purple to your braids has a playful and chic effect. Style them in a turban bun and grab your favorite pair of hoop earrings for a style you’ll love.

Long Goddess Braids

These types of braids are stunning when they’re super long. Not only is the braiding technique accentuated this way, but it also boosts the all-around impact of your style. Two low pigtails are a great way to strut your stuff.

Unique Goddess Braids Designs

We’re all pretty aware by now that low braided pigtails are one of the hottest goddess braid hairstyles. But what if you turn the creativity up a notch? Speak to your stylist about incorporating a few more thin braids on top in an original way.

Goddess Braids and Cornrows

You can also style double low goddess braids with corn rows that braid into them. Feel free to try out this design or get cornrows that are parallel with your main braids.

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