Best 55+ Lavish Green Hair Color Ideas 2018

Without a doubt, gray hair is all the rage among hair trends this year. Whether you decide to go for a silvery platinum shade or a pastel tint, all tones of gray are gaining more and more popularity. Moreover, you can make your gray as warm or cool as you’d like, with the help of highlights, lowlights or balayage. Explore some of the prettiest examples we’ve handpicked and get your glam on. Best 55+ Lavish Green Hair Color Ideas 2018.

Lavish Green Hair Color Ideas

Dark Gray Hair

If you don’t want to be too flashy, you can experiment with a charcoal gray shade with your hair. This photo example shows that the gray is so dark that it’s almost black. Nevertheless, it shines with a charcoal glow.

Silver Gray Hair

This is a fantastic example of silver hair, flawlessly executed. It sports metallic shine all around, with subtle dark roots to shape the whole look. It looks sublime on hair of all lengths and textures.

Gray Highlights in Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown is a common base for highlights, balayage or ombre. To bring your natural hair color to life, consider sprinkling gray streaks here and there. It will help define your hair and make your natural tone even more exciting.

Blue and Gray Hair

We usually see blue and gray blended for a final color, but you can also separate them in your hairstyle. For instance, you can dye your roots blue and keep the rest silver with a few cold lowlights.

Ash Blonde Hair

Another brilliant hair trend on the rise is ash blonde hair. Like the name suggests, it takes traditional blonde and adds smudges of grey for a cool finish. It’s easy to wear and won’t make you stand out inappropriately.

Rose Gold and Silver Balayage

This dazzling hairstyle masterfully combines some of the hottest hair trends of the year: silver, rose gold and balayage. The enchanting results are certainly one of a kind.

Dark Ash

This charming solid color has just the right amounts of brown, gray and black to make it delightful. We would say it’s somewhere between a dark ash and charcoal shade, making it simple to pair with all types of outfits.

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