67+ Party and Glamorous Square Nail Art Ideas

With this manicure you will look glamorous at any time. Metallic colors are those that contribute to the glamour but only if they are used smartly and with measure!Without proper and shaped nails, there are no real ladies and women with style. Dear ladies whether you have short or long nails, always let them be tidy and stiff. Beautiful hands are something that many people notice first on another person. If they are nicely colored and nicely shaped, you will give the impression of a carefree lady and a woman who looks after her appearance. The beautiful embedded nails send a clear and powerful message about you to others, and surely they are a beautiful fashionable detail that gives to your appearance a special seal and completes it. In order to have healthy and strong nails it is important to pay attention to their care.

When you are settling your nails, you are often like most ladies in the dilemma which form to choose. Many are available, such as square, oval, almond nails… Choose the shape that fits your style. With square nails you will not make a mistake. Square nails are a classic in world of fashion that never goes out of fashion and you can take it in every occasion. This shape is very popular and is called the glamorous nail shape. This form of nail will surely draw attention to your hands and will fit well with those ladies wearing nails of medium length. These nails have sharper edges so because of that they break more easily – this is their only disadvantage.As for the color, it is summer so be free to choose pastel shades that you will be able to wear everywhere and always. Be creative and combine colors like pink and blue, purple and white, yellow and black… Summer motifs like palm trees, seagulls are a nice detail for the hot summer days, and if you go to the sea, you will surely be noticed with these great details. Ombre in some summer color will be a great choice, but pay attention on the crossings – let them be discreet and let the colors spill over into each other. Black is color for all times and occasions, and gold and silver are there to give the glamour to your look. The stripes will make your nails visually longer, but be careful with the stretches across the width of the nail.If you have strong natural nails, then you will need a little effort to fix them, and of course a good nail polish, it is better to have three good nail polishes than a bunch of bad nail polishes which can damage your nails. On the other hand, if you have weak nails that grow slowly, opt for a nail gelling technique that will extend them and make them strong. It is a steady technique that will make your hands beautiful for more than three weeks, almost all month.We have prepared a lot of photos of square nails for you in our gallery. I hope that our effort will pay off and you will find nails ideal for yourself! Enjoy and do not forget to be your own this summer!

Square Nail Art Ideas

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