Flattering Types of Bangs for Round Faces

Round faces ar cute, female and sweet. they’re usually endowed terribly engaging dimples on the cheeks and have a rounded line of hair growth. If your face is spherical, the hairstyles that keep all the hair off your face don’t cause you to any prettier, since they reveal the fullness of your face. Whereas, bangs ar ready to correct it and create it seem oval.

Flattering forms of Bangs for spherical Faces

When selecting the proper quite bangs for your spherical face, detain mind that your goal is to create it visually longer. Long vertical and diagonal lines address this task fairly well, as a result of they need AN elongating power. That’s why you’ll see from the examples within the gallery that long side-swept bangs profit spherical faces like no others.
Straight bangs also are quite flattering for spherical faces, however, it’s counseled to depart them no shorter than slightly below the eye-brows. even though your hair is thick, avoid very thick bangs, particularly just in case you decide to wear them straight. once styling your bangs, don’t forget to create some volume on the crown. For fine hair, decide on skinny bangs and superimposed front tresses.
Asymmetric long bangs narrowing towards the ends ar terribly trendy and fully flattering for spherical faces. Such bangs are often titled with wax into distinct tresses with outlined edges. Slightly curled ends of the bangs elongate a spherical face and create it narrower. Note conjointly that with a spherical face you’ve got to avoid centre parting.
Check out the concepts below.

Types of Bangs for Round Faces

Light Messy Horizontal Bangs

Side updos are great because they can be worn in both formal and casual settings. While most of such updos usually incorporate a side swoop, front bangs provide a more modern and edgy look for young ladies.

Flirty Tousled Side Bangs

This hairstyle was not achieved by sleeping, but it definitely has that bedhead appeal. The pieces of hair coming over one eye are mischievous and sexy, while the big barrel curls give an overall cool-girl effect. Experimenting with texture while keeping color natural can be a great compromise when you want to try a new style.

Punky Blunt Bangs

Channel a new take on the classic layered look with straight pink hair in choppy layers. Straight across round face bangs are a risky choice, but the sharpness of the cut offers just the right amount of edge a round face needs. These bangs look beautiful when styled straight and sleek. The sweetness of the color is balanced by the structured cut. Nourishing and moisturizing hair care is a must when you go this light!

Wavy and Thick Bangs

For a look that is totally Brooklyn cool girl, bring all that thick, wavy hair forward and tame it down with a fair dose of product. Typically, thick-haired girls shy away from going this short, but clearly it’s possible to rock the crop. Messy bangs blend right into the hairstyle.

Smoky Long Bangs

Going for a gray-blue tone with tons of visual interest? You can choose full-on drama by incorporating long layers and cheek-skimming bangs. The multiple hues of the color play beautifully with the layers while the long side bangs add glamour and mystery.

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