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Chrome Nail Art Ideas polish 2018 trends

Chrome Nail Art Ideas polish 2018 trends

I do not know about you people, but I always pay attention on hands when I meet with someone new. Of course, it’s not serious if the lady has a little frayed nail polish, it happens because sometimes we have a crowd and we rush something to do, some other things that are priorities at that moment.

The world is constantly advancing and almost every day we hear and read about the latest achievements in the field of medicine, physics, astronomy, and the pharmaceutical industry, beauty industry, the latest trends in the field of make-up, manicure, hairstyle, clothing, fashion … The trend in recent few months ago that has become particularly fashionable for nails are chrome and mirror effect on the nails. This trend in manicure is very modern and interesting. I will not write about how popular are metallic colors on nails because it every trendsetter knows.

Nail Art Ideas polish

In fact, mirror effect on the nails is achieved using a special powder that is highly pigmented and with special foam-rubber is rubbed into the nail on which is previously greased nail polish . Of course, you can not use an ordinary nail polish but nail polish with gel effect, which is the base. This powder is produced in different colors, but the best effect is achieved if you use silver powder on a black base gel polish. For chrome effect you can use and other base gel lacquers (the best are white and pink). After application of the powder to the nail follows finish nail polish that will fix the whole thing.

Trend in which everything is shining is popular in the fashion industry, people wear skirts, dresses and shirts in metallic tones. In beauty salons beauticians use lipsticks in these shades, even the nails are not circumvented. This trend fits perfectly on short and long nails, in dark days it will bring in your life shine and good mood. With this dust you can decorate any nails or just a few nails on both hands. Chrome powder is easy to apply so you can if you have good hand to do this alone in your home. Otherwise, nicely go to the salon and let it professionals to work.

If you are an employee, you always hurry, have children and husband who are waiting you to come from work home, and would rather prefer to spend time with them, go to the salon once a month, these hour or two, you can present to yourself. Place the gel on your nails, so you will have strong nails, shape will be steady, and the color will last up until you go to a correction. On the other hand, if you are hasty and you like to change things fast, then simple nail polish is better option for you.

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