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Stylish Spring Floral Nail Art Trend 2018-2019

Spring is almost here! The weather’s getting brighter, the temperatures are rising and nature is blooming. The Fashion and beauty world has been inspired by the flourishing Floral Nail Art this year. A stylish way to wear this Floral Nail Art trend is with nail art. So, take a look at our 21 best picks of flowery nails that are a spring 2018 must have!

White is a spring and summer favourite. The shade works so well on nails because you can wear as it is or add some beautiful little flowers like these. Floral white nails look elegant and trendy for any occasion. White is a great staple polish as it goes with all colors so you can experiment with different flowers and patterns.

Roses are a symbol of beauty. So, give your nails a beautiful spring makeover with simple rose art. You can create gorgeous designs like this one with two polishes and a toothpick. It really can be that simple and there are plenty of tutorials online. Add some little crystals for a glam finishing touch.

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