Top 33 Notch Caramel Hair Color Ideas For 2018

Top 33 Notch Caramel Hair Color Ideas For 2018 ladies are slowly transitioning to caramel hair color. Whether it is because of its simple but elegant appearance or for any other reason, the fact is that many ladies appreciate it nowadays and will experiment with it at some point. Caramel is a delicious hue and is perfect for lowlights, highlights and even dip dyes but the only problem is that some ladies lack ideas on how to use this magnificent shade.

Top 33 Notch Caramel Hair Color Ideas For 2018


Shadowing your roots can also help you with this hair color as it forms a good base and also helps with the contrast. For these curly locks, the shadowed roots contribute to creating a smooth transition to the lighter shade at the ends, and this is what makes the strands look so polished.

Caramel doesn’t have to be complicated because sometimes straight and sleek will do just fine. You can have some soft side bangs and the let the rest of the locks flow freely over your shoulders. The coloring is also very moderate as only hints of light brown and caramel can be seen on the locks.

Chocolate Brown is not only very attractive, but also a fresh hair color, and you can make it even more fantastic with some caramel highlights. However, the highlights are created through color melting technique, and so they form a very uniform pattern with the natural hair colors. This appearance is achieved by hand painting the locks.

The contrast between the dark brown roots and the caramel strands is fantastic, and it creates a headdress that will make you stand out anywhere you go. These medium length strands look amazing thanks to the lightening effect of caramel and the fact that the colors have been applied using free hands dyeing technique.

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