+35 Pretty Nail Art Designs and Colors for Short Nails

Nail art is a growing trend in the fashion world. In today’s fast forward world, trendy and appealing nail art designs are not only meant for long nails. As most of the women are working, so it’s not easy for them to manage big and beautiful nails on regular intervals for instant change in their appearance. Suppose you are in a job where you have to work continuously on computer, then it becomes difficult to complete your task with long nails. In such situations, short nails are a great option.

Short Nails
Short Nails

If you are bored with your current nail shape and design and looking for something new and interesting. The geometric nail art design may inspire you and when you wear this design for occasions like – marriage, birthday party others may be jealous or love to copy the same nail design. Geometric designs can be bright, intricate and give bold look with thick lines. They look amazing on short nails because they really catch the eye.

This nail design is perfect for warmer weather. You can’t go wrong with this look for parties near beach or late night bon-fire parties with friends. Abstract designs are great because they don’t restrict to any particular theme, they look extremely cool with any outfit. Floral designs with bright yellow tips are among attractive easy nail art designs for short nails and give feminine touch to your complete outlook.

To achieve this adorable eyes perfect design, you just need to give 10 minutes. Simply paint your nails with black, put white dots with the head of a pin and then draw the eyes balls as you wish. You can draw eyes in different directions on each nail, but make sure they match with each other in some or the other way.

At last, we can say that easy nail art designs for short nails are a glimpse of your artistic side and show how much you care about your looks and personality.

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