Top 33 Gel Nail Art Designs Ideas 2018

Top 33 Gel Nail Art Designs Ideas 2018 Gel nails have gained a lot of popularity over the years because they enhance the beauty of the fingers as well as strengthen your natural nails. They are more natural looking, have a faster curing time as compared to acrylic nails, can last for more than one week and can be applied with or without a primer. Since we all have different preferences to nail art, we have gathered various gel nail designs to meet the needs of each woman.

Top 33 Gel Nail Art Designs Ideas 2018

If you love girly nail polishes, then you will love pink gel nail designs. Opt for designs with bright pink to help brighten up your mood. For a subtle look go for a design that integrates white or black polka dots against a plain pink base. For a bold look combine pink with silver color.

Sophisticated and passionate, red gel nail designs portray a daring attitude. The bright red shade is great for when you are going for a date, and you can even mix and match with metallic effects. For a less dramatic look opt for short gel nail designs with a darker shade of red.

3D gel nails will look as if they are floating on top of your natural nails. This effect looks good on medium to long nails because short nails will take the attention away from your fingers. You can add a feminine look to your 3D nails by incorporating rhinestones or cute bows.

Flower gel nail designs are for ladies who prefer feminine nails. The floral theme shows innovation as well as a great love for flowers. So opt for gel nails with flowers that have bright colors or mix with glitters to make the design more fabulous. Try different flower patterns that complement each other.

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