Attractive Glitters Nail Arts To Try Once

Glitter nail polish can be a lot of fun with when creating different nail art designs, however, there are a few things you should be aware of as well as techniques you should know to get the most out of your glitter polish. First, you should keep in mind that when using glitter nail polish you should judge the glitter pay out for each polish you use since some brands will have more glitter than others.

Attractive Glitters Nail Arts To Try Once

Using the technique of applying glitter polish with a makeup sponge can save a lot of time, but what if you want to create a design? You can do this one of two ways, first apply the glitter polish then apply tape over the sections you wish to remain glittery.

This design can be pretty easy to do by simply applying a thin layer of glitter polish to a makeup sponge and dabbing that to the area closest to your cuticle. Keep in mind that the more you add to the sponge and the more you dab, the more glitter you will apply.

These particular nails were created by applying a layer of glitter on the nail first, then covering the section that the glitter is wanted with tape coat the nail in a non-glittery polish. Once you have applied the polish color of your choice remove the tape to see the design you have created.

Simply apply a base coat polish, then using the brush dipped into the color of your choice brush on the colored polish where you want it to be. Once all layers of polish are dry use the brush to apply the glitter polish along the jagged lines.

Brushed designs can be a lot of fun and are easy to make your own with the use of various colors, however, you will need a fine bristled brush to create these designs. You can also choose to use this brushed design with glitter polish lines or a glittery polish as an accent nail.

You can use your stamp designs over glitter polish, however, the technique used is incredibly important to a smooth design. Since glitter can create a texture to your nail, simply apply a top coat before placing your stamped design to prevent imperfections.

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