Engaging Summer Nail Art to Try This Summer

Engaging Summer Nail Art to Try This Summer We see nail polish and other nail accessories just about everywhere we go, from the grocery store to convenience centers. Not only does this make it easy to pick up the tools needed to do your nails at home, but will allow you to show your nail technician a picture of the design you want and they can create the design for you.


However you choose to have your nails done, access to everything you need is incredibly easy and makes for a fun afternoon or evening.

Engaging Summer Nail Art to Try This Summer

If you are not the artsy type, then this design may be better left to a professional. However, you can create this design by placing small amounts of yellow and brown on a paper plate and using a very sharp tipped brush to create each of the petals as well as the dots in the center of the sunflowers.

Fade designs are becoming more and more popular nowadays as they are incredibly simple to do at home.


Simply place stripes of nail polish on a makeup sponge and dab onto your nails until you like what you see.

This lacey rose pattern is another more advanced design, however, it would look fabulous during the summer months and even in the spring while everything is in bloom.

Citrus is in season all summer long and one of the best drinks to enjoy in the heat is lemonade, so this lemon design is perfect for summer.

To get these sparkly nails all you need to do is start out with a good black nail polish and apply at least 2 coats over a base coat.

Once the black nail polish is dry gently paint the golden glitter polish into the dripping pattern, then use a makeup sponge with a bit of the golden polish on it to dab even more glitter onto your nails.

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