Designs Short Nails Art Ideas For 2018

Designs Short Nails Art Ideas For 2018 Some are inclined to say that this beautiful manicure necessarily implies the presence as a base of long nails.


Of course, such nails look usually effectively, they offer the owner a wide field for experimentation, because on such a surface and you can draw, and create three-dimensional images. Many of them are manicure photo gallery.

Therefore, although the color palette is very diverse, choose your shade carefully. In the salons, often to such cases must be quiet shades or even colorless lacquer.

Also do not forget a variety of colors, they look spectacular and can serve as a great extension of the nail. A bold solution would be for example an animal print. It can also be spread across all the nails, or to focus on a single nail.

As a basis we can take any paint, even the stripes can be different colors. You can add rhinestones, drawings, stickers, in General, all that is pleasing to your soul.

  • The first with what begins experienced fashionista, — preparation of the nails by cuticle treatment, removal, giving the previously selected shape and cleanse the nail plate from the previously applied varnish.

The most appropriate color scheme can be soothing colors. If you feel too boring, you can diversify sequins, focusing on one finger or making here’s the moon manicure.

However, perhaps overly extravagant color manicure will be too outrageous for everyday life. Variations can be mass – yellow and orange, red and black and so on.

Here is valid only one rule — the varnish should be carefully applied if the first coat gives enough color, you can add richness by applying several layers.

Lots of ideas, for example, a good can decorate their drawings, which is characterized by simplicity, stripes, curls,. Technique of execution is quite easy: the pattern you can create using only nail Polish and a toothpick or needle.

Perfect manicure assumes that the paint applied smoothly, no streaks, strips, chips. If your choice was stopped on the mother-of-pearl lacquer, then divorce you are not afraid.

In addition to colors, it is important to note the fact that the drawings on short nails, if done skillfully, it looks no worse than long. What patterns will look in the theme on these nails?

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