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Bold and Daring Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts For 2018

Consider an asymmetrical bob haircut, especially if you are looking for a fun new hairstyle this year and are bored with the same old style. This fun, edgy look will give you a feminine yet funky feel and make you stand out from the crowd.

Bold and Daring Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts For 2018

Undercuts are very trendy this year. You can really add a playful edge with the right undercut. They work with every length of hair and they are easy to style, as well. Simply add an anti-frizz serum to your wet hair and blow dry.


Then mess your hair up slightly using a sea salt spray. It’s that easy! And the fun thing about an undercut is that if you leave it longer, you still have the option to pull your hair up.

Boho Chic is all the rage this year. This adorable cut with its carefree waves is fun and effortless.

If you want to embrace your glam chic side, this is the look for you.

To style, add volumizing mousse to your damp hair and blow dry.

Then create messy, imperfect waves with a medium barreled curling iron.

This playful bob is just long enough to add some messy curls. It can go from serious to fun in just a matter of minutes and works for any occasion. Wispy bangs add a look of mystery.

To achieve this carefree style, add some styling serum and blow dry your hair

This bold and daring asymmetrical bob works great if you want to get in touch with your slightly wild side.

Shaved sides are very trendy right now for those who want a more edgy look.

This style works great with a bold color like a deep purple or some funky streaks or even a playful balayage.

This fun look works best for those with rounder faces. A bold color will give this look a bit more of an edge.

The blunt bangs with extended length at the front frame your face nicely.

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