55 Sweet blue acrylic nail designs 2018-2019

The color blue is generally associated with peace, tranquility, and happiness. Blue acrylic nails accord off that exact aforementioned vibe – these blue acrylic nail designs, admitting some of them may be with rhinestone accents or beam for a bit of added pizzazz, are all actual appealing and put together.

Royal blue is exactly what its name implies – royal. If you are feeling regal, independent, and ambitious, royal blue is the shade for you!

Deep midnight blue and navy blue are sophisticated and mysterious colors. For fancier, more mature events, choose these colors to tie your outfit together.

Feeling artsy? Try an ombre manicure
The hot ombre nail trend works great with blue acrylic nails. Simply blend different hues and shades of blue together, like in the examples below, to produce a very cool gradient effect! Feel free to throw in a bit of glitter to add some drama to your overall ombre look!

Swipe on some polish and you’re done!
Don’t have lots of time for complex manicure designs? Not to worry! You can still get a very pretty blue acrylic nails manicure if you pick the perfect shade of blue to match your mood or outfit. We’ve grouped these blue acrylic nail designs together by color to help you more easily find the type of manicure inspiration you need for any occasion.

Light blue and baby blue nails are sweet and feminine. Use this shade to soften up any look.

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