Lovely and elegant inspired acrylic nails

Your manicure doesn’t consistently accept to be complicated to accomplish a statement. Here simple acrylic nail designs for back you either don’t accept the time to decay on intricate and abundant patterns, or if you demand chaste breeding instead of apish details. Use these photos of pretty, cute, cool, and funky nail art as ideas for your next simple acrylic nails look.

We’ve put calm such a advanced ambit of designs for you that you’ll be able to acquisition the manicure to bout any accouterments and be absolute for every occasion.

elegant inspired acrylic nails

To start off, we have some extremely simple acrylic nails – just paint on that polish and be on your way! Here are some square shaped acrylic nails that are sleek and simple.

French tip inspired simple acrylic nails are lovely and elegant
The classic French manicure is always a great thing to turn to when you need a versatile look that will please everyone. Here we have two examples of the traditional French tip – one with opaque white paint and the other a softer transparent polish.

If you want to go extremely edgy with your simple acrylic nails, instead of the straight line French tip that we’re all used to, why not spice it up a bit with a different shape?

Sparkly nails add drama and glam to your manicure!
Who doesn’t love a bit of shimmer and shine? Use glitter nail polish or rhinestones on your simple acrylic nails to feel glamorous and luxurious whenever you leave the house with these manicures. You may want to try a glitter or rhinestone accent nail, or for the full glam effect, paint all your nails with a healthy dose of glitter! Sparkly nails shine especially bright at night, and we recommend this simple acrylic nails designs for girls’ nights out or fun nighttime dates!

If you want to give off a very independent, strong, and chic vibe on your simple acrylic nails, try going with some pointy triangular patterns, like the ones below. They work best with long nails, but if you have short nails, there’s no reason you can’t try to pull them off as well! They have a slight tribal pattern feel to them, which is very hip these days in general for fashion!

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