50+ Pretty Toe Nail Colors of Summer

50 Chic Summer Toe Nail Designs

summer is on its way; that means you will most likely be wearing sandals or flip-flops or running around in bare feet. Let the summer fun begin with friends and family coming over for a barbeque, hitting the beaches, or swimming in the neighborhood pool. No matter what summer activity you participate in, your toenails will be on display for all to see and a polished pedi is the perfect compliment to any summertime fun. But if your toenails are not the best shape, you may be a little embarrassed around others.

Lovely Pink Flowers in Bloom

This cute nail art is a beautiful light pink with a skillful flower design. All that is necessary to master this look is light pink nail polish, rhinestones, petals, and beads. Start creating this nail art design with a light pink colored base. Next, glue a flower design on your big toe nail. Then, add a few rhinestones to the mix.

The Dessert Look in Green

These toe nail designs are brilliantly crafted. To master this design, you will need metallic green, white, and pink nail polish. Begin with white nail polish as the base color for your large toe nail. On these toe nails create two uniquely cactus designs. Add a flower pot underneath the one cactus and a crown. Paint metallic green on your small toe nails.

Effortless and Stylish with a Little Culture

This nail art design is simple to master. To create this pattern, you will need black nail polish, gold nail polish, and a stencil. Paint your toe nails with black polish. Use the stencil to create a skillful and stunning design with gold nail polish. Cover this cute nail art with a transparent top layer of polish.

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