50 Dazzling Ways to Create Gel Nail Designs to Delight

50+ Gel Nail Design Ideas to Fancy Up Your Fingers

Gel nail designs have risen in the ranks, becoming one of the most popular artificial nail applications. There are a plethora of nail designs to choose from including understated, simple designs that exude classic elegance or trendy, high voltage colors and shapes that will tantalize your tips. Regardless of your preferred design aesthetic, you are sure to fall in love with these best nail styles of 2018.

Gel Nail Designs

Frosted Candy Coated Ombre Nails

Ombre color palettes aren’t just for hair. This idea translates to a perfectly posh gel nail idea. While this version uses a blend of pretty pinks, you can try this with any number of hues. Try using several shades of one color or a mix of three or four different ones to create a kaleidoscope effect. This classy nail art is suited for both short nail designs and long nail designs.

Everything’s Coming Up Metallic Roses

Flowers are a timeless choice that can be updated to create a cool, chic look by implementing a metallic color choice. We love the ability to select lacquers in a variety of neutral shades to allow this design to go from daytime to nighttime effortlessly. The addition of gold baubles lends a techno vibe to this trendy nail art selection.

Rose Gold Tips Fit for a Queen

Rose gold is no longer just for jewelry. This versatile design is effortlessly awesome in so many ways. It’s simple enough for the office yet bold enough to add some spice and pizazz to your evening as well. Best of all rose gold is a universally flattering shade that works on every skin tone from the palest porcelain to the deepest ebony. Both rose gold nail designs, and glitter nails add a touch of whimsy sure to delight and impress. This eye-catching nail color is one of the most popular and sought-after new nail trends.

Unique and Understated Geometric Elegance

Whether you are short on time or after a lower key gel nail art design, this is a lovely choice. White triangles pop against darker colors making this one of our favorite simple yet colorful nail designs for short nails. This is also great for anyone after a nude nail design. Simply replace the darker hue with a neutral pink, beige, or tan.

Dazzling Pink and Glitter Nails

This ultra-feminine selection blends glitz and glamour to produce nail art that is perfect for any true nail addict. A delicate blush pink is complemented by a rich, luxurious silver-toned glitter. These designer nails are sure to impress as they glint and glimmer whenever they catch the light. This look takes artificial nails to the next level.

A Neutral Take on Mandalas Perfect for the Office

Selecting a nail art design that is both cute and appropriate for work is easy with these creative nails. This design blends a pallet of neutral nail colors with an accent nail delivering a look that moves effortlessly between day and night. You will look professional while still showcasing your personal style and flair, making it one of 2018’s top manicure types. It is sublime for anyone after simple nail designs for short nails as well.

A Minimalistic Look That Still Packs a Punch

Sometimes, a simple design can have a greater impact than one that is overly busy with many components. For this look, glossy ballet shoe pink gel nails take center stage. A single gold band on the ring finger is perfectly placed to show off an engagement ring or any other diamond or gemstone ring.

A Twist on Ombre and French

This look offers a fresh perspective on an older and well-beloved nail trend, the French manicure. The gel nails have been painted with an ombre in purple shades ranging from a light lilac to a deep, midnight plum. The tips have been swiped with black to complete the design.

Three-Dimensional Gel Nail Art

Nail design goes high tech with this fun 3D offering. By once again switching traditional French tips for a fun pop of red, this mani is flirty and playful.

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