Photos of blue nail polish on short nails

Moon manicure with blue lacquer

Heavenly blush is actual affable and feminine; it is absolute for connected manicure and crave no added lubrication. This adumbration around all causes alone absolute emotions, and so few bodies debris such a manicure on their handles. Marigold this accent will be “icing on the cake” back creating the angel of a ablaze spring.

blue nail polish

Nails decorated with rhinestones or sequins

Sequins and rhinestones is always very bright and spectacular look on the nails, as if struck by light manicure begins to sparkle beautifully and Lambent.
Go too far with such elements is not recommended, but everything depends on the motive of creating a manicure. Very feminine and gentle will look blue nail polish, where each finger line is lined with small Blue glitter in turn can be used to create a French manicure at escalating.

Moon manicure – this is a relatively new and very interesting trend in nail-art. To implement it on the nail plate isolated zone, that is, the part of the nail matrix, which arc peeking out from under the cuticle? This arc is drawn the same on all nails, creating a very unusual result.
This embodiment can be easily combined color, making the main part of one tone plate, but the arc at the bottom – the other, both pleasant blend (e.g. gray or white) and contrast (orange, black, etc.). Sometimes they come more original, and paint the entire surface of the plate except for. In such a situation it is not so noticeable when the nail begins to grow, which is quite convenient.

Photo of blue nail polish on short nails

To the nails were beautiful, they do not necessarily have to be long. The main argument – it is well-groomed and orderly, and even the original blue manicure perfectly lie on short nails. Ideas for the realization of a lot, and we suggest to familiarize with photos of some of them.

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