Beautiful design manicure and pedicure 2018

Toe Nail Designs 2018

Very simply, we have learned from the experts nail art, beautiful nail design that always begins with a basic pedicure. Yes, that’s about it today and we’ll talk. How to make a beautiful pedicure at home?
To begin, remove the lacquer with toes nail polish remover and cotton balls. Then carefully cut the nails with nail scissors.

For the toes is best to use a nail file with a large sputtering. Next, prepare a special foot bath; you can use water with mineral salts or rose oil, for example. This procedure not only softens the skin of the feet, but also makes it easy to remove the dead skin on the feet. Leave your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes, and then carefully rub them with a pumice stone and foot scrub.

Toe Nail Designs 2018

Toe Nail Designs 2018: trends

More often than not, many girls prefer to use to create a pedicure plain varnish. Today, however, the cosmetic industry produces incredible paint products, which have a variety of effects. If you have little time to create a pedicure, try thermo-lacquered. We have previously written about how it works, detailed instructions can be found here. Thermo-lacquer simply applies as normal nail.

Its indisputable advantage is the color change. So, thermo-lacquer proposed dual color when heated nails, get one color when cool other. As a result of this design is very reminiscent of a French pedicure nail art, because the tip of the nail is always cold, so it will be a tone lighter or darker.

By the way, the French pedicure is the most demanded kind of like a manicure and pedicure. French looks incredibly carefully, making it likes most women. Today stylists recommend not focusing on classic colors and use expanded color gamut, which can be attributed and bright colors. Today is a very popular bright, sometimes neon colors that look amazing on nails.

An excellent option for creating trendy pedicure becomes moon manicure. His called “inverted” service jacket. In the region of the moon nail varnish is applied, contrasting with respect to the base, resulting in an original pedicure. Today, beautiful pedicure can be created with drawings on the nails.

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