Unique Negative Space Nail Art Ideas

Negative Space Nail Art Collections

Hello girls, are you a array of individuals who adulation to chase the nail art trend? If so, you charge be accustomed with the anew built-in trend that keeps things absorbing and fun. That is negative space nail art. If you were acclimated to be with 3D nail arts or those with complicated patterns, this is the time to try a simple but aesthetic one.

Girls, negative space nail art refers to a technique, which leaves bare allotment un-colored on the attach surface. The bare allotment may anatomy a assertive appearance that contributes to the final attending of the nails. The nail art technique is simple but the result is stunning.

Negative Space Nail Art

The following are some ideas you can try:

Geometric pattern; you can begin by painting blocks of color on the nails and leaving certain part un-colored.
Slanted French tip; this is a very simple negative space nail art for a beginner. Just paint a slanted line on the nail tips and leave the remaining part uncolored.
Wavy pattern; paint your nails with the desired color and leave a small line that forms wave in the middle
Half-moon; juts paint two or three lines that form a half-moon pattern in the desired color
Black and white; just combine various shapes, such as keyhole, plaid, checkerboard, or stripes and paint them in black and white
Heart; paint the nail surface soft pink or red and leave a heart-shaped cutout in the middle

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