33 Ready for Cute: Polka Dots Nail Arts

Dotticure and Polka Dots Nail Arts Ideas

Hi Ladies! Bored with your accustomed style? Why don’t you try nail arts? There are abounding unique and attractive designs of nail arts that can about-face your actualization actual differently. Rather than applying the accepted one color of nail polish, accepting the attach corrective with clear shapes and colors will be actual absorbing to do. From the abounding shapes and  designs of nail arts, polka dots nail arts are parts of the designs that are very popular.

Polka Dots Nail Arts

Ideas of Polka Dots Nail Arts

Nail arts with bright colors and polka dots are very suitable for various occasions. Here are some ideas you can apply:

For the cheerful days of summer, choose nail arts that reflect cheerfulness and the warm days of summer. You can use bright yellow, green, pink, or ocean blue.
For a romantic moment, such as Valentine or having dinner with your couple, there are some lovely colors to light up the passion again. They may be soft pink, metallic red, and some pastel colors.
For hanging out with some friends on Saturday night, black will be your best color option. Apply black as the base color of polka dots nail arts. Then decorate each nail with colorful nail polish.

Creating nail arts with polka dots are quite easy, so don’t get discouraged if you are bad at drawing or painting. Here are some polka dots nail arts for you to get start!

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