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Different stripe Nail Art Designs 2018+2019

Striped Nail Art Designs And Ideas

When you look at beautiful nail art designs all over Pinterest and Instagram, you will definitely wish to have it on your nails too. And that isn’t very easy as many of the gorgeous designs are intricate and requires a lot of creativity. In fact, it can be a task and many mess up trying nail art designs at home. But this one beauty tool -nail stripping tape can simplify the process and make it a hell lot easy to design the nails like a pro even if you aren’t a nail art wizard. All you need with your nail polish is patience to create the design of your choice and the nail stripping tape.

Black and white striped nail art
This design is fun to try! Simply do a base coat of your choice, use tape for stripes and color half black and half white. Remove the tapes and it’s done.

This ultra thin adhesive can be used to design very cool and different patterns such as grid lines, emboss effect, single chevron, triangles, other geometric designs and abstract patterns. You can stand out every time with striped nail art designs as it give a defined, clear and salon created look. And here are the best of striped nail art designs that you will definitely want to pick, strip and paint!

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