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Pretty Flower Nail Art Designs Ideas

Pretty Flower Nail Art Designs Ideas If you are tired of that same boring old nail polish on those nails of yours, or you no best demand geometric shapes and curve or complicated patterns corrective or ashore assimilate your nails, again we have Flower Nail Designs that you will actually love! If you are the simple blazon and would adulation alone to accept a aerial annual architecture on your nails, again you could do a simple architecture by application an old lipstick besom and the end of a bobby pin to create a flower design on your nails.

Pretty Flower Nail Art Designs Ideas

a pastel base coatwould do just great! If you want something much simpler than that, a basic accent nail would suffice. You could even make the accent nail as detailed as you like. A cute but time-consuming design is a dandelion blowing in the wind (which sounds so intricate but is so easy

All you need is an old lipstick brush to draw the white seeds being blown away! The background should be something subtle that allows the white seeds and black (or dark green) stem to stand out. A pastel grey is suggested, or even a pastel burgundy which would look beautiful! You could even create tulips by using – yet again – an old lipstick brush to draw the stems and petals.

This involves actual lace that has a flower small enough to fit on your nail. If you don’t, however, have lace, a stencil or sticker would do just fine; it just won’t be in 3D like the real lace. The real lace flower would need to be cut off and then stuck on the nail after you have applied a coat of clear polish above the base color coat.

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