Lovely Minion Nail Art Designs to Try

Minion Nail Art Designs

Who hasn’t seen the Despicable Me cartoon? Almost everybody has. And the popularity of these small lovely creatures called minions has so great influence on people that they appear everywhere! You can find them on the shelves of toy shops, on the posters, on T-shirts etc. And now it’s high time you had these cute minions on your nails!

Minion Nail Art Designs
Minion Nail Art Designs

Painting minions on nails is quite easy. For this, you will need some nail design tools and a bit of your fantasy.

What polishes will be used? In most cases nail artists use the following color gamut:

yellow nail polish
black nail polish
white nail polish
blue nail polish
gray nail polish
matte top coat
top coat

What tools are needed? The standard set of the tools among which nail art brush, dotters or toothpicks is needed for a simple minion manicure.

How is it done? Following these steps you will be able to create a cute nail design with minions yourself:

apply yellow polish as a base (you may cover it with matte top coat then)
do a blue French tip for the overall
use a dotter to paint eyes with gray, black and white colors
add a thin black smile
finish with a top coat (or leave it matte)

However, it’s always up to you to decide what colors to add, what technique to use and what decorations to add to your nail design. Check out these awesome nail designs with minions and let your imagination create a masterpiece!
If you don’t want to go too far with minions, have only one nail done in the form of a cute yellow creature. The rest of the nails can be polished with a white color.

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