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23 Charming Gray Nail Art Designs for 2019

Gray Nail Art Designs

When it deals with gray color, all people tend to think that it’s depressive and boring and there isn’t any possibility that they will try it out. However, stylish ladies would disagree with such a point, and they would definitely convince you that there is nothing more suitable in manicure for any life situation as His Majesty the Gray.

Charming Gray Nail Art Designs
Charming Gray Nail Art Designs

Gray is a perfect color for any style whether it’s casual jeans and a T-shirt or it’s a business suit with a pencil skirt and a blouse. No matter where you want to go – to the hot party or to the meeting – gray color is the best variant to go for. Gray is tried and tested through the time, and it can be called classics along with black and white.

Taking into account how many different hues there are now, you can start your experiments with this color trying to combine light and dark gray, glossy or matte. Polishes can also vary starting from gel polish finishing with shellac; your own nail, stilettos and acrylic ones can be chosen to create masterpieces on them; considering shapes it’s not a problem either you wear long or short, round or square – gray color is universal and fits every form.

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