Top 20 Gel Nail Polish Brands For 2019

Top 20 Gel Nail Polish Brands For 2019 These days nail art is on the edge of popularity, and new ideas are actualization with every day. That is why you should keep in blow not alone with all the contempo trends but additionally with all the actualization products. Gel nail polish is article you apparently accept already heard about or alike approved out. That is why it is time you apprentice all the accuracy about this truth about this recent type of nail polish!

To begin with, it should be interesting to know why gel polishes are so special and how they are different from regular nail polishes.

The thing is that while regular nail polish is just the paint that dries out when exposed to air – gel polish dries out only when cured in a UV or LED lamp. What is more, it is crucial that you use base and top coat together with gel nail polish while with regular one it is optional.

Very often people wonder whether they can combine gel polish with the regular one. Theoretically, if you apply a base and top coat you can add regular polish in-between but it won’t last you as long as a gel nail polish that is for sure.

There is another thing that interests many people – what is the difference between shellac and gel polish. The truth is that there is almost no difference apart from the fact that shellac is a little easier to remove.

As for the removal, that is where it gets interesting too. When you wonder how to remove gel nail polish, it may seem quite obvious that if it is a special type of nail polish you need some special means to remove it.


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