Ballerina Nails – the Latest Trend in the Nail Art Design 2019

Ballerina nails (also known as coffin nails) appeared in the nail industry in the backward 90’s. However, they accept become acutely accepted for the aftermost few seasons. They look very feminine and require efforts and imagination to make them look exclusive and extravagant. Let’s talk about this outstanding nail shape a bit more!

What is ballerina/coffin nail shape? To create unique ballerina/coffin nails, you will need to grow long nails as the shape won’t be interesting on short ones. And one more important aspect is that they look even better when you have false acrylic nails rather than your own. So, the shape reminds of a coffin or a ballerina slipper and that’s the reason they got their name.

What nail designs are the best for ballerina nails? Well, when you’ve become the owner of this gripping nail shape, it’s time you thought about the design. Women mostly choose nude hues for such nails as they can express femininity and match any outfit. However, there are no strict rules what design to choose, and you may go for dark colors, creating interesting textures, exciting patterns and decorating your nails with different bling. It’s all about your image, so don’t stick to boring styles!

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