33 Gel Polish Nail Ideas To Try Now

33 Gel Polish Nail Ideas To Try Now Gel nails are unique and very different from the acrylics you may be acclimated to. Using gel nails is as abutting to application your natural nail as you could. It absolutely resembles the natural nail; it’s not aloof a affected allotment that goes over top of your nail. They are somewhat agnate to an acrylic nail because of what they are fabricated out of which is polymer powder and monomer liquid but that’s where the similarities end.

33 Gel Polish Nail Ideas To Try Now

You apply gel nail polish the same way you would put on any other nail polish but then you use UV light to dry it. This creates a much stronger and more durable polish that also looks a lot more vibrant. You can do the UV light setting at home but if you are new to gel nail designs, I highly recommend getting them done professionally a few times so you get familiar with the process.

One of the huge advantages of this UV treatment is that once you finish, they are dry and ready to go. You don’t have to worry about them being smudged on the way out of the

Below are many different gel polish nail designs that will suit anyone’s needs. Whether you want something wild and crazy or simple and pretty you will find something you love.

These are some pretty unique ways of showing your own personal style. We are hoping these gel nails will inspire you to run on over to your favorite nail shop and get them done in time for this lovely season.

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