30 Chic Short Pixie Cuts for Women 2019

Looking for the best images of short haircuts? You have came to the right place! Short pixie hair of this bearing has acquired from boyish look to “femme fatale”. You should choose a pixie haircut that is analogous with your face shape, hair texture and best important your personality. Here in our arcade you will acquisition the images of 100 Short Pixie Cuts that will be definitely inspiring for you!

1. Short Pixie Cut

Short pixie style like this one below may look boyish but these pixie styles are easy to style and vivid.

2. Short Pixie Hairstyle

Here is a cute example of a short pixie haircut.

3. Short Pixie Haircut

Her hair color make this short pixie style much more unique and vibrant.

4. Short Pixie Cut Hair

Here is a blonde pixie cut, she looks really nice and innocent with her neat pixie.

5. Short Pixie
Want something sassy and rebellious this one is for you!

6. Fine Hair

Here is a pixie hairstyle suggestions for women with fine hair:

7. Pixie Cropped

She features her masculine style with her stylish pixie cut.

8. Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow’s pixie style is iconic and looks great with her light skin and full eye lashes.


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