Short To Long Wavy Hair Styles 2019

Wavy hair styles are popular because of their adeptness to actualize a somewhat nonchalant, just-out-of-bed effect. And alike admitting it ability complete surprising, a woman can action a bouncing crew behindhand the breadth of her tresses. Yes, you read it right – even shorter tresses can be waved in order to create a sophisticated, red-carpet-ready hairstyle. And to prove our point, we have created this gallery, featuring pictures of wavy hairstyles for short, medium, and long tresses. Discover how to rock pretty waves here and now, and paparazzi will start haunting you.

Pixie haircuts are a great way to style short wavy hair. The shorter style will remove some bulk from your wavy tresses. Plus pixies are super cute and sexy! If you want to keep your wavy hair short, these stylish pixies are a good starting point. And they are super easy to style as well. You can opt long pixies with layers or pixie haircuts with bangs. As well, they are easy to style! Not quite sure how to style wavy hair after shower? With a pixie, it’s so simple! Apply a texturizing product to your damp hair. Blow dry with a diffuser on low setting and style as desired!

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