125 Amazing Manicure Ideas for Catchier Nails

Our hands and fingernails need a beauty treatment from time to time in order to increase their beauty and make them more gorgeous. This treatment is usually performed in nail salons, but you can provide your hands and nails with the needed treatment on your own at your home if you want to save money. The beauty treatment that you get for your hands and fingernails is usually referred to as a manicure. It includes clipping or removing any nonliving tissue through using cuticle nippers, pushing the skin from cuticles back with the help of a cuticle pusher to get longer nails, massage of hands, shaping nails, in addition to applying fingernail polish in various amazing colors and art ideas.

Manicures have not recently appeared as they started 5000 years ago, but they are known to be more popular now. The popularity of manicures and nail art increases every day thanks to the different social media sites that give us the chance to discover new nail polish trends and provide us with the ability to share various ideas, designs, tips, and tricks. With manicures, fingernails are not always left plain.

Some women like to keep their nails simple and this is why they apply the nail polish without painting any pictures or nail designs on their fingernails. There are other women who do not like the idea of keeping their nails simple and want to get statement nails to attract more attention and make their hands catchier. In addition to painting pictures and different catchy designs, fingernails are also decorated through adding small decals, crystals, rhinestones, glitter, charms, and other small pieces that are usually used for decorating nails and giving them a stunning look.

There are three main types of manicures. You can find French manicure which is the most popular in the whole world, in addition to hot oil manicure, and dip powder manicure. In hot oil manicure, you clean the cuticles and soften them through using oil. There are different types of oils you can use for this purpose such as olive oil, mineral oil, in addition to some lotions for good results.

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