66 Catchy and Appealing Cute Nails for Fun-loving Women

Choosing a template for cute nails can be tricky. Ask me how I know. It is alarming to think about allocation through all the nail styles on the web to acquisition the abstract and the trending designs you’re attractive .

It’s not necessary to make regular trips to the nail salon to have nails worth decorating. A balanced diet, a well-planned beauty regimen, and good hygiene will give you nails you can feel good about without the need to make multiple visits to your local nail parlor. You’ll also be able to decrease the number of chemicals applied to your skin that can have negative effects on your nail quality.

When applying lotion to your hands, pay special attention to your cuticles and nails, too. Use of hand sanitizer and frequent washing of the hands tends to dry out the nail beds and affect the cuticles. If possible, try to use a high-quality lotion after every handwashing. If you use hand sanitizer, look for a brand that moisturizes along with sanitization to blow two bubbles with one wand.

When having a manicure, consider opting out of the cuticle trim. Your cuticles are there to provide a natural barrier against bacteria. Cutting them can open the doors for a nasty infection to settle in. You can moisten them at home and push them back, trimming away only the dead skin. Because your cuticles are sensitive, consider protecting them from chemical exposure with a light coat of olive oil or coconut oil prior to a conventional manicure. These steps can go a long way toward maintaining a healthy base for cute nails.

This cute nail art style combines delicate mauve with rich lavender to create a design that really pops out. The subtle star pattern adds interest while the pale purple base creates an aura of reserve and mystique. Consider applying a clear top coat over this pattern to maintain the stylish look that is awesome, unique and fun.

Those who love a little mystery will appreciate the thought put into this nail art design. The crisp rose pink of the base pairs beautifully with the delicate floral patterns present on the second and third fingers. Look carefully, though. The images might appear to be identical at first sight, but a closer look will reveal slight differences that are sure to delight.

The soft rose base of this beautiful nail pattern lends itself well to the rhinestone studs layered on the surface. The first, third and fourth fingers are decorated with a pattern that is different from the rest while at the same time blending together. Try different color combos for a variation on this look for the glamour queen in you.

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