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30 Top Blonde Bob Hairstyles For Women In Their 30s

30 Top Blonde Bob Hairstyles For Women In Their 30s Shadows are also known as color shades because the address of blond hair coloring results in a bit-by-bit fading, usually from aphotic tones to light shades and, added particularly, blond in all its richness.

Blonde Bob Hairtyle


Blonde and curly, as on Beyoncé; red and smooth, as on Emma Stone; blond and wavy, as on Jennifer Lawrence; or even purple and embossed, as on Nicole Richie; the wob has this little smart and wild side at a time.  A practical cut, which adapts to all faces according to the effect it is given.  In square dipping as on Taylor Swift, short as on Anne Hathaway, or halfway as Kelly Relly.


Long Blunt Bob


In this big folder dedicated to the shady blonde, we will try to answer all these questions. We will begin with a small explanation on the technique, then go over the ways to wear a shaded blonde with hair of different lengths and finish with trendy hairstyle ideas for everyday but also for more special occasions, such as a marriage. Here, without further ado, all this useful info and hairstyles ideas that are yours to discover!


Recently, this technique has been enriched by another: that of scanning, resulting in what is called the shaded blonde scan that introduces highlights of light shades on the length of the hair.

Platinum Blonde


Choppy Ends


The blonde sweep further enriches the shades of the mane and brings more shine to a hairstyle, while producing an interesting effect to wear with hair of different lengths, including short cuts like the “pixie cut”, popularized there a few years ago by stars like Anne Hathaway or Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence.


As its name indicates, the blonde and bob hairstyle consists in the mixture of several shades in order to obtain


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