11+ Gorgeous Graduated Bob Haircuts for Women in 2019

It’s 2019, and the cropped is the new trend! Cropped pants, cropped tops, cropped crops and even cropped hairdos. Bob haircuts have been creating a storm in the fashion industry since forever. The love for Graduated bob haircuts has many reasons. They are cool, stylish, and accessible to advance and attending attractive on all ages. You can agreement with them in your own way and be your hairstylist. Various looks can be adopted and agitated with ease.

This technique of hair coloring creates depth and volume in the hair. Different sections of the hair is colored in different shades. Women choose from browns to reds for this technique. You can act smart just by adding a 3D look to your hair using different shades of browns with a tinge of reds. Simple blond hair looks flat and does not leave the desired impact. Keeping the hair simple and showing off your beautiful highlights is always good to go option for any occasion. It gives a smart and sophisticated look.


Want a shortcut and still look like a Barbie? This one’s the perfect hairstyle for you! A heavy fringe cut and a bob cut look super sexy together. The front section should be the length of your face, and the back one can be just touching the neck, and voila you’re done. This is an easy-peasy hairdo to carry. It also gives a little punk look to your personality. Keep it straight and keep it simple.


When you straighten your hair with the help of a blow dry, the hair becomes sleek yet have a certain amount of volume to them. Volume looks beautiful on every kind of hair, exceptionally thin and wavy. You can add slight highlights to the look for that extra element.


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