20+ Beautiful Fruit Nail Designs You Will Love To Copy

Hey my beautiful ladies! Looking for a little bit of nail inspiration for the upcoming summer days? You’ve come to the right place.

Not only is it the perfect summertime treat, fruit is also the perfect inspiration for colorful summer nail designs. You may not know this, but fruit nail designs have been quite popular over the years because of the cute and adorable effect. Moreover, the fun and attractive colors aren’t only good to make you look better, but also good to lift up your mood. You can have a full collection of fruits within one nail only. You can draw pineapple for the thumb, watermelon for the pointer, lemon for the middle finger, kiwi for the ring finger, and strawberry for the pinkie. That’s only an idea about having fruit nails that will definitely brought you to the next level of fashion and style. You can have all of your fingers painted in strawberries, watermelon, pineapple or kiwis; it’s up to you. You only need to use your creativity as well as your imagination.

Beautiful Fruit Nail Designs
Beautiful Fruit Nail Designs

In my opinion, strawberries and kiwis are the most interesting and the easiest fruit nail designs you can make, but it takes patience. For making kiwi nail design first apply green as base and then take some white polish on a nail art brush that is slightly wet with acetone. Dab the white polish in the middle of the nail. Having the brush slightly wet allows the white and green to mix a little bit.

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